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Nirma University students, faculty, staff, alumni of Nirma University, professional/corporate bodies are welcome to use Nirma University Library Resource Centres (NULRCs). Nirma University students, faculty and staff become Member of NULRCs automatically. For Alumni Membership and Corporate Membership follow the registration process mentioned elsewhere on this website (Home Page Top Bar). Please contact the Library Staff for more information.
The students can use the University’s Identity Card as a Library Membership Card while others need to fill up a Form available from the Library to obtain a Library Membership Card of NULRCs.
There are five libraries on the campus.

  • Technology Library
  • Management and Commerce Library
  • Pharmacy and Science Library
  • Law Library
  • Architecture and Design Library
Use the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) terminals (Click to activate OPAC Link). The OPAC is a key to all the Library Resources. You can search the titles of books, journals, online resources, dissertations, theses, faculty publications etc through key words, author, subject terms, year of publication etc. OPAC also gives information of its Shelf-location, Availability Status, Reservation Status, Subject Class No. and Collection-Code etc. To know the Shelf-Location of a specific resource use the Library Layout Map. Click here to see the presentation on ‘How to Use OPAC?’. Should you require any help, please do contact Library Enquiry Desk Staff.
You may find the Titles on the Library’s OPAC for which the Status is “Future”. It means the book is ‘Under Technical Processing’. Such titles can be consulted on the Library premises for a short period. Please contact Library Staff to get such titles for consultation/photocopying of its portion.
If the resource is not on the stock of the NULRCs it can be borrowed from other Institutional Libraries (limited to some Libraries). On ascertaining the non-availability of the item in the NU Libraries, you are advised to fill-up DELNET ILL Request Form the details of the needed item and forward it to the Librarian after getting a signature from the respective HOD. Generally we get the material within a week. The cost of photocopying and courier charges will have to be borne by the user. Alternatively if the book/resource is useful to many other users of Nirma University it can be added to the NULRCs stock through the Department Head’s recommendation. Please use the Book Recommendation Form to suggest a Title for addition. Contact Library Staff at Circulation Desk for further help.
An authorised user can send the request for subscription to a new journal through the Head of the Department/Centre (subject to availability of budget)
No – You cannot use someone else’s Library Card at NULRCs.
If any student has misplaced/lost their Identity card they have to report the same, in writing, to the Head of the Student section with a copy to the Librarian. Student will not be able to borrow library material until a new Identity Card is issued.
If any faculty/staff has lost their I-card please inform the library so that no misuse happens and also inform respective administrative department for issue of a new card.
You must immediately report the details of the lost item to the Library Staff (Assistant Librarian – Lending Section). You will be required to replace the lost book with a new copy within a week. For any reason if the book is not available in the market then you will have to pay three times the cost of the book.
The Library Resource Centres Home Page contains detailed information about Library services and the Resources. However, if you need additional information or would like to talk to someone in person, please contact Library Staff of the specific Resource Centre.